The importance of having a Kinesiologist

Studio Fit U private trainer assisting a client with back posture during an exercise, showcasing the importance of a kinesiologist for safe and effective rehabilitation in Montreal.
Why do you need a kinesiologist in your life

It’s that time of the year again, everyone is looking around for a gym to start their new year
resolutions. Some people are looking to start a new journey, some are trying to get back to
healthier habits, but one thing is for sure a lot of people are currently motivated to do
something for their health. Whether you’ve never trained before or trying to get back to training,
Hiring a kinesiologist is probably one of the best investments you can do. it will help you fix all
your aches and pains, guarantee an optimal progression and will teach you how to take care of
your own health for the long term.

Recovering from injury

Have you ever wondered why pro athletes can come back from gruesome injuries so quickly?
Some might think it's because pro athletes are semi god that just have wolverine-like
superpowers, but the truth is they are normal people just like you and me. The reason they
recover so quickly because they start the rehabilitation process as soon as they can. Pro
athletes will probably go back to training the day after an injury. It might sound crazy but it is the
best way to recover. Of course if you’re injured you can’t probably do the workouts you
normally do and it will need to be adapted. For example if you just sprained your ankle you
might not be able to do heavy squats yet but you can probably do mobility exercises, above and below joint work, balance exercises and maybe just some walking around. Doing this will ensure a good recovery
by promoting blood flow to the injured area, promoting drainage of the swelling through your
lymphatic system and will also prevent strength, balance and coordination losses. Because if
you decide to sit on the couch for 4 weeks because of an ankle sprain, not only will you have
to recover from the sprain but you will have to recover from sitting for so long. Injury recovery
methods have changed.
Before, people were told to sit and immobilize the injured area, put some ice on it and wait. But not that surprisingly, we realized that actually waiting without doing anything wasn’t helping much to recover. Your much better of going back to the gym as soon as you can, because the limitations that your injury are causing are not just going to
disappear like magic. I know it sucks, but you will actually need to do some work in order to
get back to where you were before the injury. Luckily that’s why kinesiologist are here to help
you. A good kinesiologist is going to be able to assess your limitations, see where the problem
stems from and fix it at the roots
. Injuries are complex and multifactorial, you need a lot of
experience and knowledge to understand what the best treatment is. Every injury is different
and trying to rehab yourself by googling your symptoms is probably not the best idea. Don’t let
injuries have a long lasting negative effect on your life, take care of them as soon as they occur
and leave them behind you in the past where they belong. To be honest we don’t have a magic
fix for your problems, all our solutions require you to work your butt off, but if you become
stronger, more mobile and you learn how to move properly I guarantee you your injuries will not
be bothering you for long. And if you treat your injuries the same way pro athletes do there is
no reason that you shouldn’t recover quickly from them.

Guaranteed progress

Have you ever felt like you were losing your time when you worked out? That you were not
getting the results that you wanted? The reason behind this lies in the way that you are working out.
Two people could train three times a week for one hour and get completely different results.
Yes, genetics could explain part of that, but the the main reason is that they workout differently.
There is so many variables when it comes to training: Volume, Intensity, Density, Intensification
methods, Time under tension, exercise selection, techniques, etc. And the reason why you’re
not making progress is most likely because you’re getting one or more of these wrong. The
thing is, its not you that need to adapt to those variables. Its the other way around, those
variables have to meet you where you are. There is no better person to adapt those variables to
you than a competent kinesiologist. After all, we are experts in exercise physiology,
biomechanics and training. Remember there is a difference between "training" and "working out".
Once you start training with a plan that is adapted to your capacities, I guarantee you will see great progress.

You can find hundreds of great workouts on the internet but none of them as been tailored
specifically for you and your needs
. Investing in a kinesiologist, is making sure that your
workouts will give you results and are adapted to your level.

The only issue with having the right workout for you, is that you're going to get better. And then
what do you do? The perfect workout is only perfect for a while, because your capacity to train
will improve. Do you have a plan on where to progress from there or are you just going to do
the same thing forever? Planning your progression in your training can be something tricky.
Progress too fast and you risk injuries and overtraining, progress too slow and you risk losing
your time and energy. A kinesiologist will plan your progression so that it follows your speed.
I’ve had clients that had really quick progress, because they showed me that they were able to
learn the exercises quickly and didn’t have any limitations. Other clients progress slower
because they need more time to learn the exercises and have injuries. Progression is not a one
size fits all, so having a professional monitor it and plan it for you is definitely the best option if
getting results is a priority for you.

Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill has never been easier. Just google anything and you will find an online
course teaching you everything to know about a subject. This type of learning works great
when it comes to mental skills, but when it comes to physical skills, its missing something
really important: feedback from an expert.

What if you wanted to learn to play golf? Would you just buy clubs and go to the driving range
in the hopes that your drive improves or would you hire a golf coach to learn the basics?
Personally I would hire someone, and if you’re the type do to everything on your own, im
curious to see how much you improve at golf without a coach. When It comes to training, I
always wonder why people don’t hesitate a second to just buy a gym membership, go twice,
and then never go again, because they didn’t understand how to train properly. If you think
hiring a kinesiologist is expensive, try paying for a gym you never go to. Learning to train is like
learning any sport, having a coach showing you how to do it is going to skyrocket your
progression. When I started training, I trained with a kinesiologist for many years, and I’ve
learned more from him about exercise technique and training than I did during my degree. Of
course the main principles of training are thoroughly explained and easily findable on google
but when it comes to the subtleties of training, nothing beats expertise. Only a good coach can
analyse your movement and teach you the little tweaks and variation that will make your
workout the most effective for you. With a kinesiologist to set you on the right path to reach
your goal you will not get lost losing your time doing things that are useless or

After a few months with your coach, not only will you have learned how to properly do
the movements, you will learn how to take care of your own health. Hopefully all the knowledge
you get when you hire a kinesiologist will stay with you forever. You will learn how to brace your
core properly, why your ankle mobility is limiting your ability to squat, why sometimes you have
back pain and what you should do when it shows up. A good kinesiologist will teach what YOU
need to take care of your health. Once you know what to do and how to do it, trust me your
workouts will seem so much simpler and much less intimidating. This is where you will get the
most value out of your kinesiologist, so don’t be scared to ask them questions. Too many people
are living with aches and pains that would be easily fixable with the right training program. And
learning how to listen to your body and decipher what it's telling you, is probably all you need
to improve your quality of life.

A kinesiologist can teach you an incredible amount of things about the most important subject
of all: your own health. If you think all we do is make people sweat, you’re missing the point.
What we’re trying to do is making you understand your body and fix your aches and pains while at the same time getting you closer to your fitness goal. It might be expensive to hire someone to show you all of that but trust me, knowing how to take care of your own health is priceless.

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