Our mission is to innovate personalized training and rehabilitation in Montreal by helping our community transform painlessly through movement and exercise.

Personal Trainer/Kinesiologist

- Deliver memorable workouts to our clients⁠
- Perform monthly client follow-ups⁠
- Design training programs and nutritional plans⁠
- Be an ambassador of our culture in our clients every day⁠
- Conduct weekly check-ins to adjust clients' plans as needed⁠
- Ensure a clean work environment⁠
- Continuously elevate industry standards⁠


The Culture


We are leaders in our industry and we deliver a service that is beyond expectations… every time.


We are all forever students. We learn from each other and from clients. We are able to look at ourselves in the mirror and put our ego aside because we thrive to be better all the time.


We grow together, professionally and personally. We are a family and we help each other become the best version of ourselves. Period.

Walk the talk

We eat, sleep and do fitness. We research before prescribing, we experiment before teaching and we simply do the work.


Actions and results speak louder than words.


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Personal & Personalized Training


4824 Ch. de la Côte-des-Neiges, Montréal, QC H3V 1G4

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