What people think of us
What people think of us

Testimonials - Private Training

Achieving your goals directly depends on the quality and structure of your training. Our personal trainers are the reference when in comes to private gym training in Côte-des-Neiges, NDG, Notre-Dame-De-Grâce, Westmount and Outremont. They will know how to guide you so that you can finally achieve your goals.

My name is Devonte M., I am currently a student at Dawson College and I play baseball. When I came to Sam in the fall of 2020, I was at my lowest point in terms of fitness. The pandemic excluded me from all my training facilities and I was very fit during the short season we had. Sam was one of my private coaches that summer. I came to see Sam in Montreal to get back in shape. After going 2x a week for 7 months, Sam helped me lose weight while building muscle and developing my athletic abilities. During my time with Sam, I realized that he's not just a great personal trainer, he's someone you might be looking forward to seeing because of his dynamic energy. I recommend Sam to many of my friends!



It is your time to take action, prioritize your health today!

My name is Gabriel M., I'm a student at Western Oklahoma State College and I play baseball. Sami is a good friend of mine whom I had the chance to meet through baseball. Discovering that he was now a physiotherapist and personal trainer was a blessing because for years I had elbow pain when throwing and I came back to see him several months later when I injured my tailbone. After doing rehabilitation, my elbow and tailbone no longer hurt and I felt stronger and more mobile. All this time spent with Sami gave me the opportunity to return to the field in good health and he gave me the knowledge I lacked to be able to take better care of my body while reducing my risk of injury.



I had the chance to meet Moncef a few years ago. I couldn't gain muscle mass. Moncef's support during my journey allowed me to gain 15 lbs of muscle! Since then, I have confidence in myself and I know that with discipline and a good personal coach, anything is possible!

Tyler avant Tyler après



I am an active 60-year-old woman who, in her mind, believes she can run as she did as a teenager... jump into a sport, learn and play right away. HOWEVER, the body at 60, as at any age, needs to be settled. Sometimes he needs preventive help, small muscle work, adjustment of large muscles, specific improvement. I am the Chief Operating Officer of a wealth management company. I often work many hours in the office, sometimes with tight deadlines during quite stressful work periods. I balance my work with outdoor sports activities such as tennis, golf, swimming, cross-country, cross-country skiing and hiking. Working with Sami is unique because his certification in athletic therapy combined with personal training allows his experience and knowledge to hone and work specifically on the difficult situation I find myself in. It also makes it possible to build a preventive exercise plan that adapts to the season and the sport. Sam is his own personal athletic experience allows him to understand our growing needs. I appreciate the maturity, focus and dedication that Sami brings to each training session. His flexibility, his openness to change and his ability to communicate are qualities that I have observed. I learned how to modify my exercise routine according to my current sports needs, prepare my body and think about the physical balance between work and personal to stay physically healthy. My goal is to maintain a healthy body so that I can continue to participate fully in all areas of the sport as I get older. Sami's approach to me is specific to my needs, changing every week, I see the difference in my flexibility, strength and interview knowledge.


Active woman aged 60

It is your time to take action, prioritize your health today!

1 year ago, I turned to Sami since I couldn't lose weight. Thanks to Sami's wise advice, I was able to achieve my goals and lost my extra 30 lbs. I never thought I would achieve his results so quickly! Sami is dedicated and attentive to my needs. It is always present when I need advice or an opinion on something. He knew how to push me and give me confidence in myself. I am excited and determined for what happens next.

Tyler avant Tyler après



I had a fractured sacrum that did not heal well and left me with continuous sacroiliac pain. I needed to rebalance my core, my posture and strengthen my muscles in order to better support my own body and finally gain strength I met Sami in a personal training studio in Montreal. I was able to center and strengthen my trunk. Rehabilitation was the first step towards healing and eliminating pain. Then I was able to achieve new goals by working slowly but steadily. Sami is patient and encouraging. He believes in you even when you don't do it yourself. I learned to enjoy exercise and training. That was, I think, my biggest challenge. I don't hurt anymore, as long as I continue to strengthen the weakest and most affected areas of my body without overdoing it. This is also one of Sami's priorities. He will never push you to the point of hurting you. He is very aware of the limitations of his clients and their progress. I am very grateful for his help and highly recommend him to anyone who has already suffered injuries and is looking to manage their pain and regain their strength.


Film industry

My name is Sara, I am 34 years old and I started my personal training in Montreal with Moncef following my first pregnancy and I lost 10 lbs quickly. Moncef was able to motivate me and give me back the taste for training, it was not easy, because my motivation was at its lowest. His knowledge made me understand several concepts of fitness that I did not know. Moncef gave me several tips and I learned how to make the right nutritional choices. In addition to my pregnancy, I have a sedentary job that represents a large part of my life. Moncef has greatly helped me to balance my professional and personal life thanks to his tricks that have allowed me to integrate more sport into my life. I am very satisfied with my results and I feel good about myself! I recommend Moncef to everyone who wants to surpass themselves.


Financial Analyst

It is your time to take action, prioritize your health today!

My name is Hussain and I work in marketing. When I first came to see Sami in June 2022, I had never trained before, I had no motivation and I had no healthy habits. Before starting my training and nutrition programming with Sami and his team, I was lost, not just lost in terms of nutrition and training but also mentaly. That is when I contacted Sami so he could guide me and help me better myself. It was time that I invested in my health and changed the destructive habits that I had. We started together when I was 215 lbs. The beginning was difficult, I wanted to stop multiple times because all of it was new. Fast forward 6 months later and i lost 55 lbs! I don’t think I would of accomplished this without Sami and his team. With their help, I am now healthier, stronger and in a better state mentaly. Sami is literally available 24-7, he is always listening and giving feedback. I still am followed by him and his team to this day and they are still helping me with more informed choices on nutrition and training. I can say that I am proud to have accomplished my goal and that I am finally comfortable in my own skin.

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Hussain R.


It is your time to take action, prioritize your health today!

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