Personal trainers in Côte-des-Neiges, NDG, Notre-Dame-De-Grâce, Westmount and Outremont

Personal trainers in Côte-des-Neiges, NDG, Notre-Dame-De-Grâce, Westmount and Outremont

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Alexa Tiramola-Pugh, kinesiologist and personal trainer at Studio Fit U, specializing in muscle development and weight loss, Montreal.

Alexa Tiramola-Pugh

Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer
B.Sc. Kin

Alexa is a kinesiology student at McGill University. Her athletic experience is quite diverse. After playing competitive soccer for 16 years, she began weightlifting and changed paths to became a bodybuilder. She is now in preparation for her first bodybuilding competition. As a trainer, Alexa specializes in building muscle mass and weight loss. As she is conducting research in the field of body image, Alexa is passionate about helping others build long lasting healthy relationships with their bodies. She focuses on both physical and mental well-being and strives to deliver results while helping her clients feel the most confident and comfortable in their skin. Whatever your goals are, she guarantees to deliver an individualized program that is both challenging and fun.

Nicolas Charbonneau, kinesiologist and personal trainer at Studio Fit U, expert in sports training and physical preparation, Montreal.

Nicolas Charbonneau

Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer
B.Sc. Kin

Nicolas is a graduate of Université du Québec à Montréal’s kinesiology program. From a young age, he’s been gravitating in sports and training. From training to gain a spot on the football team in highschool to preparing for multiple national powerlifting championships, working out has always been part of his life and helped him reach many of his goals. Since then Nicolas has worked relentlessly to help his client discover the feeling of suprassement and self-improvement that comes from training. Passionated by movement, Nicolas brings to his clients adapted workouts that will enable them to feel strong, functional, and ready to face whichever challenge they have. Nicolas’ knowledge of athletic training combined with his practical experience will give his clients a unique experience that will push them to new heights of physical well-being.

Mariangela Pereira, kinesiologist and personal trainer at Studio Fit U, expert in functional fitness and rehabilitation, Montreal.

Mariangela Pereira

Kinesiologist, Adapted Fitness and Personal Trainer
B.Sc. Kin, CEP

Mariangela has a Bachelor of Exercise Science with a Specialization in Clinical Exercise Physiology (Kinesiology) from Concordia University. Her knowledge and experience working in functional fitness and health fitness rehabilitation have allowed her to use therapeutic and restorative exercises, conditioning programs, and exercise education to help - both healthy and symptomatic populations - to treat and prevent injury and disease, improve movement and performance, but more importantly, to help them live actively, energetically, and fully. She is passionate about real, attainable wellness and educating as many people as she can about the importance of functional mobility training and multi-joint exercises to achieve and maximize overall health, pain-free movement, and self-understanding of the body. Whether your fitness goals are sports-driven, weight-related or striving for wellness, one-on-one interaction with Mariangela will take you to get your results as efficiently and effectively as possible by providing structure, support, and mindset guidance which will be unique and specific to your needs and current capabilities. She will be fully committed and motivated in your fitness journey and continuous progress while safely pushing you to go beyond what you think you are capable of. 

Adam Rich, sports therapist and private trainer at Studio Fit U, specialist in injury rehabilitation and conditioning, Montreal.

Adam Rich

Certified Athletic Therapist, Personal Trainer
B.Sc., CAT(C)

Adam is a graduate from the Athletic Therapy program at Concordia University. His athletic history includes more than 15 years of hockey and several years of rugby, which he played at the collegiate and provincial level. As a therapist, Adam specializes in injury rehabilitation and is passionate about strength & conditioning. His experience includes working with athletes, most notably with sport-études soccer, AAA hockey, and senior men’s & women’s rugby. In the clinic, Adam has helped his clients recover from chronic pain, as well as meet their physical and performance goals. He believes patient education is the most important factor in helping his clients meet their goals and that each client should receive an individualized home exercise program tailored to their activity preferences and anatomy.

Tristan Churchward, sports therapist and private trainer at Studio Fit U, expert in injury prevention and rehabilitation, Montreal.

Tristan Churchward

Certified Athletic Therapist and Personal Trainer
B.Sc., CAT(C)

Tristan is a graduate from the Athletic Therapy program at Concordia University. His interest in health and fitness began as a teenager when he began lifting weights. From there, he gained interest in the human body, biomechanics, and how to avoid and rehabilitate injuries. As an athletic therapist, he has worked with a wide variety of athletes and sports. These sports include high school football, CEGEP basketball, and AAA hockey. Tristan believes in combining both therapy and training to help his clients overcome their chronic injuries and reach their physical and performance goals.

Simon Dayan, massage therapist and private trainer at Studio Fit U, specialist in muscle activation technique and rehabilitation, Montreal.

Simon Dayan

Massotherapist & Private Trainer

Simon Dayan is a personal trainer with over 10 years experience. As a long time martial artist from a very young age Simon has always been fascinated with understanding and achieving full human potential through movement. After years working with different clients and rehabbing a neck injury of his own, made Simon immerse himself and study in understanding human movement, anatomy, pain and the recovery process. The study of massage therapy and muscle activation technique taught Simon how to provide full body movement assessments, muscle tests and corrective exercise plans. The concept behind every clients plan whether its weight loss, training for a marathon, or wanting to pick up your grandchildren is to heal and protect the body through movement. Being injured, overweight is a frustrating experience without a goal oriented plan alot of times people feel lost and confused on what to do. Simon's passion is fueled everyday by implementing tested high quality methods in creating personalized plans that let client take back control of their bodies and become the strongest version of themselves.

James Audain, kinesiologist and private trainer at Studio Fit U, specialist in functional training and joint mobility, Montreal.

James Audain

Kinesiologist & Private Trainer
B.Sc. Kin, ANQ

James is a graduate of Concordia University in Kinesiology. From a young age, he’s participated in recreational sports and has been obsessed with being active. He played competitive baseball over the course of his adolescence, even spending two years playing at a collegiate level in New York. It was in high school when he first discovered resistance training and quickly developed a passion for it. With his years of experience as an athlete and the numerous hours spent challenging his physical abilities in the gym, James understands the importance of physical activity and how much of a positive impact it can have on someone’s health and wellness. His style of training is based on the development of functional movements patterns while incorporating joint mobility and core stability in his workouts. If you’re dealing with any kind of chronic joint pain and/or have developed poor posture over time, James can help improve your situation through a functional, performance-based approach to training. He can help you reach your goals by providing an exercise routine tailored to your specific needs and limitations, while ensuring a steady rate of progress and maximizing results. His goal is not only to help people with their physical and mental health, but to also create a positive learning environment for his clients to eventually develop a sense of autonomy and ultimately guide them to take complete control of their health.

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