Training at home versus training in a Private Studio? Which is more advantageous?

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5 Benefits of Training in a Private Facility vs At Home:

Taking control of your health and starting to exercise might be one of the most important
decisions you can make. Choosing how to go about it can be the challenging part. While
working out at home is be feasible for some, joining a private gym might be the key in taking
your training to the next level. Here are some reasons why you should consider private training:

1. Amenities

• A typical home gym set up may consist of a few light weights and resistance bands, which
may do the job - but is it enough? Having access to gym equipment means having a variety
of options to choose from depending on your goals and specific needs. For instance, if your
goal is to increase muscular strength, working out at home just won’t yield the results
you’re looking for. Lifting heavy loads is required and progressively increasing those loads
over time is necessary. This allows you to train with the right amount of stimulus and
workload that typically wouldn’t be achievable at home and will ultimately maximize

2. Motivation

• For those who have limited knowledge and experience with exercise, some might find it
difficult to know where they should start in terms of exercise selection or how much weight
they should be lifting or whether they’re performing an exercise properly. This can
sometimes be overwhelming and make you more likely to skip your workouts. Training in a
private gym means that you will have a trainer by your side to push you and guide you
through each exercise as they help you with proper form and technique. On top of that,
your trainer will sit down with you to discuss specific goals and ways to track your progress
over time which will keep you motivated and committed to the program. All you need to do
is show up and put in the work, and your trainer will take care of the rest.

3. Nutritional Coaching

•Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. Whether you want to increase your muscle mass
or trying to lose weight, your eating habits will play a major role in how quickly you can
achieve your goals. Advice on caloric intake, quality food choices and timing of meals can be
provided by your trainer to help you develop proper eating habits. Proper nutrition will help
with recovery and increase your energy level which is essential if you want to get the most
out of your training.

4. Accountability

• Once signed up at a private gym, a certain level of responsibility is required. You are
expected to show up to your scheduled sessions on time and ready to go. For those who
struggle with time management and being organized, this can be the perfect opportunity to
get into private training. Clients will be able to choose a fixed time and frequency for their
sessions throughout the week that fits their own schedule. These sessions can be booked in
advance over a long period of time, so there’s no need to worry about finding the time to
train. This will undoubtedly keep clients on track with their training schedule as they
smoothly incorporate an exercise regimen into their weekly routine.

5. Goal-Oriented Training

• A private studio offers a certain level of individualized, functional, performance-based
training. This means that your trainer can give you the most effective exercise program
tailored to your specific needs and limitations. Creating a plan consisting of both short-term
and long-term goals can help you keep track of your progress and allow you to train with

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